Sugar Alcohols: Maltitol

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Maltitol, is a polyols made from high maltose corn syrup. It has 90% of sugars sweetness and approximately 3.0 calories per gram. The calories in Maltitol is not much of an improvement from sugars 4 calories per gram, but because it is a polyols, it uses less insulin to digest. This makes it lower in carbohydrates and safer for diabetics to consume. Like most polyols, it does not to promote tooth decay.

All though it is considered the safest of sugar alcohols, excessive consumption may have a laxative effect. Some people have considerable trouble tolerating even small doses of Maltitol. Studies have shown this may be due to the fact that in some people, the digestive process extracts considerable amounts of sorbitol. My friend wrote to me about his encounter with maltitol, and said he was in significant discomfort.

For most people Maltitol in small doses is harmless, how ever it does have a laxative effect close to Sorbitol and other polyols. Low carbohydrate diets are advised to avoid maltiol, due to the low reduction from calories to sugar. While diabetics may find some relief in the lower hypoglycemic levels of maltitol, they should be concerned with the amount ingested.

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Abrupt said...

My encounter with Maltitol was from the mini Hershey's sugar free bars. I experienced no laxative effect but instead some odd sort of bloated and immensely uncomfortable sensation that persisted for about three days after having last eaten one of these bars. The discomfort was so intense that when someone suggested I verify it was positively the bars by trying another in a controlled fashion -- well I refused and will never knowingly consume anything with Maltitol in it again.

It is difficult to describe the unpleasantness I felt. It wasn't anything as bad as food poisoning, but I swear it almost seemed to have a psychologically depressing aspect to it. I had the strangest feeling of impending doom, even though the actually pain level was basically non existent. So I felt very very uncomfortable but no real pain if that makes any sense at all.

Anonymous said...

I ate 3/4 of a bag of sugar free cookies with Maltitol. Yes, to begin with, I ate too many cookies! But that shouldn't have the following effect... My stomach started to hurt and then I had to throw up. Once that started it wouldn't stop. I spent the rest of the night throwing up, it was so painful! The next 3 days I felt weak and could barely eat. Now I can't even think about eating hard chocolate chip cookies again (and I love cookies!) I assume it was a type of poison that my body was trying to get rid of...Maltitol poisoning?

DJ said...

I would suspect that may be more of an intolerance to it then a common reaction. I would suggest speaking to your doctor about it next time you visit. You can also try to eat a SMALL amount of something else with Maltitol to see if it was the culprit. Just don't eat a lot and get sick again!

Anonymous said...

I too had a horrible experience. Was on low carb eating an atkins bar that had malitol. They all do not! Well after 3 days of them as dessert.I was in. I too had the same reaction as Abrupt and still am because I have not got rid of all of it. Hopefully, toss the 24 bar box I purchased of another bar. It too has maltitol. Never again!!