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Monday, January 23, 2012

18 Photo Editing Websites: Make Fun, Crazy and Beautiful Photos

63 Photo effects at Photofunia

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Ever wanted to see yourself on a wall banner? Well, you can! Just go to “PhotoFunia”, select an effect and have some fun. You become an astronaut, Santa Claus or even be on a Paris Hilton's CD cover.

Black & White

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Sometimes we see awesome looking black & white photos. It looks like those photos were drawn with ink. We can also make a photo like this. All you need to do is go to “Magnigraph”, upload your photo and press one button. After few moments you'll have a great picture. You can also choose its size or even change the color.

Edit your photos on the internet

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You don't need to buy or download a program to edit your photos. All you need to do is just go to “Splashup”. Here you can easily edit your photos for free. You won't find as much effects as “Photoshop' has, but “Splashup” is perfect to make few adjustments on your picture. You will also find some effects and many drawing tools.

Make a name card

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It is very useful to have a name card, but to make one is very expensive. To save money, go to “Deyey” and make a name card there. You can make a beautiful and colorful name card with all notes you need. After making one, just print.

5. Become a star of your favorite magazine

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Many girls dream to become a star of “Vogue” magazine, and every musician - to be on the cover of “Rolling Stones” magazine. Now everybody can become a star by going to “Magmypic”! Here you can upload your photo and appear on a cover of 30 popular magazines. You can also make a funny joke, by putting your friend's photo on a “SEXY” magazine.

Make personal games

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Aren't the old “Solitaire” cards boring? We can make cards with our photos! You can make a personal game at “Kickplay”. All you need to do is select a game and upload your photo. The main game character will be you!

Rounded corners for your photo

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Photos with rounded corners are more beautiful than ordinary ones. To make such a picture, go to “Roundpic”. Here you have to upload a photo, select how round the corners should be and leave the rest to “Roundpic”. It will make anti-aliased rounded corners for your image.

Beautify your photos with frames and effects

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If you want to show your photos to your friends, why not make them more beautiful? At “Loonapix” you can put your photos in various 23 places (just like at photofunia) and add fantastic frames (in the picture you can see six love category frames).

Protect your images with custom watermarks

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From now one nobody will use our images without our permission. We can protect our pictures with a watermark. To do that, go to “Picmarkr”. Here we will have to upload our photos, choose where to add a watermark and type the watermark text.

Card with your face

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When we play with cards, we see the old boring kings and queens. But we can see ourselves! Just go to “Festisite”. Here you'll have to choose a card on which you want to see yourself. After that, upload your photo and your face will appear on your chosen card. After that just print it and play!

Plastic surgery on a picture

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“Fotoflexer” offers you many options to make your photo more beautiful. You can make a muscular man out of yourself or just add some effects. On the picture you can see what you can do at “Fotoflexer”.

Internet barber shop

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Want a new hairstyle but don't know what to choose? In that case, go to “Hairmixer”, where you can change your own hairstyle. I think this man on the picture looks great...

Show your photos to the world

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If you took many photos this summer, why not show them to your friends or even the whole world? After registering at “Picoy” we will be able to create an internet photo album. Photos will be beautified with frames so it will be even more interesting to look at them.

Do you look young?

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Some people want to look young and others more solid. We all probably want to know how old do we look. To find it out, go to “The Age Project”. Here you can upload your photo and see how old do you look. Other users will see your photo and will try to guess your age. It is fun too, to try and guess other user's ages.

Photo album on the internet


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If you didn't like “Picoy”, why don't you try “Photwo”. Here you can register and get 200 MB for free to store your photos. It is very easy here to upload your photos, you will also get your own album address.

Pictures from letters

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When we write an email or chat with our friends, we always use smiles using letters. However you can draw something more than smiles. “ASCII-O-Matic” can make any picture from letters. If you whant to use this website, be sure you have “FlashPlayer”.

Make an impressive mosaic

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Ever have seen a picture, which is made from smaller pictures? It is very hard to make such a miracle, isn't it? Well, it appears it isn't so hard after all! This service is offered by “PicArtia” (it is free of course). Here we can upload our photo and choose gallery from which pictures, your photo will be made. Try it, it is very impressive!

Reflect effect

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Soon we won't need photo editing software, because free photo editing websites will replace them. One of them is “Picreflect”. It will give your image a reflect effect. All you need to do is upload your image and press one button.

This is all! Hope you liked my article and have found something useful.

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