Email Safety: Before You Forward That!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I have noticed a lot of forwarded letters from friends and family. The act of receiving a mass mailed letter doesn't bother me one bit, not even chain mail. Seeing my email in a huge list that has been given to countless numbers of people does. Here is a little bit of short and simple information for email etiquette to help you and your mailing list stay safe.

Protect Others

If you have to forward an email to several people use the BCC, this will allow all the people you are sending it to to remain antonymous. No one want's 300 spam mail letters to their email account.

Protect Your Self and Your Family
  • Don't forward with your personal signature attached.
  • Don't use email with your full name for social letters.
  • Never give even basic personal information in email or chats that are not encrypted and with a reputable source.
Email can reach limitless amounts of people with a single froward, do not allow personal information to fall in to the wrong hands. With a name and a phone number a good criminal can obtain enough information to use your identity. Even if people can't access your money or credit, they can use your name, phone number, and address in other circumstances.

For example, a few years ago my friend received a notice he had a bench warrant in an area he has never been. As it turns out some one who had his full name and address gave it to the police as his own when receiving a jay walking ticket. My friend had to travel to another state and have the issuing officer verify he was not the man he wrote the offense out to.

Protect your family and household!
  • Never spread an email that lets people know you have children or live alone.
  • Never spread an email with dates or times your not at your house.
With your phone number alone most people can find your home or work address. This makes it easy for a predator to break in to your house, stalk you, or worse. People with children and elderly need to be extremely careful of online predators, they are predators off line too!!!

Here are some links to help you find out how vulnerable you are and how to help protect yourself and your emails.

E-mail safety information

Prevent Spam Mails

See what others can with your phone number alone:


Abrupt said...

Hey wasn't it you I barked at once for something like this?

DJ said...

Perhaps, I send out Holiday cards now and then in mass mail. Once I forgot to BCC, and some people started to reply all. Made quite a bit of spam, but it was all polite spam at least.

I have seen a few chain letters lately where people have their name and phone number as the signature. Thats the more dangerous part that concerns me.