Adjusting the Flat for Spring

Monday, April 28, 2008

Ah yes spring is here, the birds are nesting and the days are now getting warm and sunny. It's time to settle down and plan out my Spring Clean and house re-organization. This year however there is an exciting new challenge. I am going to budget myself only 10 Euros for the whole house.

How on earth am i going to clean, organize and make my flat more livable on 10 Euros? I plan to Recycle, reuse, and create every thing I can. Like everything els, I will research, and record all my stages. Then I will post my plan and it's updates as I go along.

Tomorrow I will try to get my goals listed this way if any one has advice on them, I have time to look in to it. This flat has not had much TLC, we always planned to move ASAP, so we never sunk any time or money in to it. Now that we know we will be here a while, were going to have to try to make it livable.

We have only a little furniture, lots of nick-nacks and things to store, and extremely limited storage room. Actually we have one closet for two people to share and a pantry for food items and thats it. It's not odd or surprising though, after all it was a bachelor pad until I came, and like I said we never invested in it.

All in all it should be a great deal of fun to see what I can do when given a good challenge. I look froward to any advice I can get along the way, I will surely post any thing I am stuck with, and my whole process.

Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

ow for the real cleaning :D amonia, cleaning vinegard and lemonjuice ...

then again you dont soke and your hous might not be as dirty as mine.

goodluck cleaning this weeken :D

Love Sangria