Spring Cleaning, Preemptive Strike

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I decided that tomorrow I will start my house clean out. After looking around it became apparent that I can only shuffle things from place to place, unless I first clean out my storage areas. This will be a task of tasks, mostly due to the fact, the majority of stuff in storage is my boyfriends.

You see, like so many men, he saves everything. Nothing is in bad enough shape to dispose of yet, after all it seems wasteful to throw some thing out just because you forgot you had it for the last 3 or 4 years. That is if I can get him to even look threw it. He cooks and he cleans with out me even asking , but he will crawl under the couch and hide when it comes to sorting threw old things.

I will be dedicating the next two days to making new storage room and handling the old and tattered items in storage already. I found a few useful, or at least explanatory sites on cleaning and organization. A lot of it is stating the obvious, but there are a few cute toys, tips, and tricks rolled in.

Here are my links, I hope they can provide some insight on your cleaning projects in the future.