Tools: Enso and Alarm Clock

Monday, April 14, 2008

I have today some thing simple yet so useful. These are two tools I use every day, they are a staple for my on line productivity. I hope they are a help to you, I know they are for me.

Enso: Spell Check

This is one of the most useful tools any one can have on their computer. It is a windows based program that checks spelling on or off line, with out damaging formating. I have used this program to check everything from forms to my blog posts and Photoshop text.

It also offers a dictionary and thesaurus, but they are web based, so you need an internet connection to use them.

Second I have an On line Alarm Clock.

It is just what it says it is, you get the time and an easy to set alarm clock for when you really only have 15 minuets, and you mean it.


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Online Alarm Clock said...

Thank you very much for mentioning!

We've intentionally made our online alarm clock as simple and as easy-to-use as possible. We consistently receive feedback that this is exactly what makes our site so useful.

Thanks again !