Computer Gadgets: Clipmarks

Sunday, April 27, 2008

This is a real simple and cute program I use to save clippings from the web. You see I'm a real note geek, I like to write it all down. I keep enough lists and notes to drive a normal person insane.

It's not intentional, and after i sort threw the stacks I find out most of them are the same thing several times. I just forget I already grabbed it, or I couldn't find it and copied it again. I always meant to make some kind of digital storage for my notes, but that requires effort.

Then these clipping programs came along and helped me clear my desk. There are a few that I use in collaboration to make my on line filing cabinet, but this is the one I will cover first.
Clipmarks is a really simple program for both IE explorer and Firefox. It stores your clips on line so you can access them any where, or sends to an email, or publishes to a blog. You choose each time you clip where you want it to go.

It has a super simple design, just click the tool bar icon (or right mouse click) to turn it on. Then highlight or click on a block of text, when you have all that you want, click the icon again. A window comes to ask what you want to do with the clips. (ie. save, email or publish) Give the item a title and a description if you want and thats it!

Not only does it save what you want it to, but it also provides you a link of where you got it from automatically. This program is free, and I have field tested it to know it's safe. If you do research or have any reason to highlight or review, I suggest taking a look. As always, this program is free, but it does require registration.

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