Nutrition: Green is Bad.... kinda

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I just had a huge detour sign placed in my meal plans. I know that vitamin K effects blood thinners. I did not realize how much and how fast. So now I have to re-do all my meal plans and recipes, to fit in the low vitamin K end of the diet in.

Luckily I found a very helpful tool! I stumbles on this Nutrient Search Tool on

The last thing I could really use is a Spanish nutrition site! It's not easy guessing the translations of cuts of meats and such. After all not all the cuts are the same as what I am used to, plus Spain has a plethora of it's own foods not found in the counters.

On the up side, I am going to chart my progress with this diet, and I hope it can help others who need the same. If any one has any advice on where I could look for this, printed or on line, I would be thankful for the help.