Computer Gadgets: Streamzy

Thursday, May 1, 2008

There are a lot of music streaming sites available on the web now a days. I'm not sure why these have caught on so much lately, possibly due to people actually getting caught with illegal down loads now? Perhaps it's the ability to hear music from any computer with out downloading.

For what ever reason it is, I like it. The selection of music from streaming applications has a much greater variety then I could gather for my own collection, and doesn't take the disk space.

Of course I keep my favorites and classic listening selection on my computer, after all, need to load up the MP3 player some how.

In this regard, here is yet another streaming program that I have adopted to use. Streamzy, is a web based music application that streams songs that you select. It has an easy to use play list you design. You can search by artist or song, and set the number or results that appear.

The down side to this program is that it gives a lot of duplicates and the database isn't quite as large as some of it's counter parts. All in all it's easy to remember name and loads quickly, so its a good choice when I want some music and don't feel like digging out links.

Check it out for your self at