Amazing Photos of Terrifying Natural Events: Texas Events

Friday, May 9, 2008

"Amarillo, Texas, May 6, 2008—
A supercell—the strongest and most severe type of thunderstorm—lights up the sky over Amarillo. "

Just in case the storms in West Texas weren't enough, two days later the ground opened up. It still can't compare to the devastation the Volcano in Chile is causing right now, or that the cyclone in Myanmar, but it's still amazing!

Texas Sinkhole, this is just an incredible picture to me.

"Daisetta, Texas, May 8, 2008—Looking something like a prehistoric tar pit, a giant sinkhole yawns across the landscape of a southeast Texas town.

The huge hole formed suddenly on May 7 and rapidly began expanding, swallowing up vehicles, telephone poles, and oil-drilling equipment. Now some 600 feet (180 meters) wide, the crater seems to have stopped growing but sits filled with debris, water, and oil."

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