Food Rookie: French(ish) Onion Soup

Thursday, May 22, 2008

One of the foods I truly enjoy is a bubbling hot crock of French onion soup. Unfortunately, like most of my favorite French recipes, it loaded with butter and fats. That's why I have devised a healthy and easier version of the soup. I can't call it French onion soup, but I can say it's smiler in taste, and so much less fat and calories.

This soup is extremely easy to make, the instructions and measurements are just rough guidelines. Experiment with this, I know it may sound crazy but the mix of onions, sauce, and beefy broth smothered in cheese is just hard to mess up. It's a tasty soup and even better the next day.

You can find detailed information on the soup including calories, nutrition, and serving size on my health blog : link here

French(ish) Onion Soup Base:


200 gram onion
50 gram leek, light green and white parts
300 ml vegetable broth
400 ml warm water, with one beef cube dissolved (I use Knorr brand)
10 ml Worcestershire Sauce
teaspoon butter

  1. Slice onions and leek thin, in to half moons.
  2. In hot pot add 2 tea butter, spread, or olive oil. When it's melted add 150 grams of onions and the leek.
  3. Saute until transparent stirring occasionally, if they begin to brown, reduce heat, add broth and simmer until tender.
  4. Add in water and broth then bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer 10 minuets.
  5. Add reserve onion then return to boil, add Worcestershire Sauce Return to simmer for 15 minutes.
  6. Adjust flavor with additional broth, and Worcestershire Sauce, as needed.

French(ish) Onion Soup Finish:

  1. Toast your favorite bread, and layer it in center of bowl.
  2. Shred or thinly slice cheese.
  3. Poor hot soup over bread
  4. Cover with cheese
  5. Place in oven or broiler, and melt or brown the cheese as desired
  6. Enjoy!
Please note, nutritional information of soup does not cover bread and cheese, so choose wisely.