Computer Gadgets: Free Games

Monday, May 5, 2008

I love the Internet, it has a limitless supply of stress reduction, time waisting, and creative ideas. One of the tings I enjoy the most is killing a few moments on free web games. Here are two links for a few more hours of waited time and enjoyment at your desk.

The first link I have is for a game called Pig Blaster. I have to give credit to Presurfer for this one. It's an entire blog based on waiting time and distracting your self. OK back to Pig Blaster, i wont give all the details away but you should take a look, the sounds are funny and the game is.. um.. a blast. (I said it, shame on me)

Link: Pig Blaster:

Second I have a link to a Free Web Arcade, I have gone there myself and never had an issue with the site. I tend to shy away from these kinds of sites in fear of spy wear and all that bad stuff. So far this site has a clean report and personally I have never had an issue.

So, if you want countless amounts of time and boredom to vanish before you know it, take a look and enjoy your self with out paying a subscription fee.

Link: Free Web Arcade