Herbal Garden Project

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A while back I was talking about my bulk shopping and my friend Sangria brought up the home growing suggestion. I know it would be hard to make room to grow produce, and the laws about growing on your terrace would make it difficult to try. I have considered the alternative of growing my own herbs.

The considerations I have for this project are not nearly as complicated as most. I will need to pick herbs that can grow easily in the Mediterranean climate. Preferably ones that have the beneficial qualities of insect repelling. I would want them to be herbs we like to use, and that can be brewed for teas.

The things I will need to avoid are any herbs that attracts wasps and predatory insects or bees past pollination periods. We have both pollen and bee allergies to consider in my household. Our terrace is small and it would be hard to share with wasps. We don't mind the occasional hard working bee though.

With the laws here, i can only grow in pots, I cant make any troff. They have to drain elevated so I cant make any dirt or sand patches on to the ground. It also has to be a moderately low moisture plant that can withstand full or partial sunlight, and hopefully doesn't grow to large. Living on the fourth floor it also should not be a plant that drops any heavy or hard bits such as large fruits or nuts.

I will look in to this more another day, tomorrow is my first dentist visit in Spain. I will most likely not be up to working on anything after that one, but I don't plan to be out of action long.
If you have any tips or information on good things to grow in sunny Madrid, Spain that may help, please let me know.

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sangria said...

Ha nice to see you actualy read my repies :D

i might have linked you the main site already but have a look at http://www.backwoodshome.com/article_index.html and scroll down to farm & garden. (Yeah i know im a wierdo for having such a fundemental site in my bookmarks)

Also dont go figure it out by yourself. Post at http://homesteadingtoday.com/ in the gardening section, almost the same piece you posted here and you almost certain wil get a list of usefull herbs to grow.

I would stick to herbs since there low maintenace and hardy. And with you cooking a lot of meals yourself you can really take advantage of fresh herbs instead of dried ones.

Love Sangria and good luck!